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Life in a wheelchair: Disability discrimination California

Living with a disability is hard enough without having to fight against those who discriminate against you. It's important that you get to work in a discrimination-free workplace where you feel comfortable and accepted. Employers should know better than to discriminate against those with disabilities. Your coworkers and supervisors should, too. If you've found you're living in turmoil because of harassment or discrimination, then your attorney can help.

Will California's new anti-discrimination laws be effective?

California has enacted new wage discrimination laws. The state legislature designed the anti-discrimination rules to ensure that racial and ethnic minorities receive equal pay. The laws build upon a 2015 provision that prevents gender-based wage discrimination.

Religious discrimination can start before the job does

A lawsuit between four Sikh truckers in California and a trucking company was settled recently, in favor of the drivers. The issue? The four men could not comply with two of J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.'s hiring requirements: removing their turbans in public and pulling out hair samples to provide for drug testing. The Sikh faith prohibits both practices, so the observant workers had to choose between following their beliefs-or losing out on a job. They chose the latter, giving up recently acquired-and needed-positions.

Wage discrimination and the growing gap in America

Workplace discrimination isn't just the obvious activities that hurt employees, like when someone won't promote a person based on religion. No, it's sometimes as simple as a silent wage gap that people aren't even aware of in their workplaces. Silence over earnings is part of the reason that wage gaps have grown in America, and today it's widely recognized that women and men often do not make the same amount of money for the same jobs.

Age discrimination: Still affecting Americans in the workplace

Getting older shouldn't mean you have fewer opportunities to find a good job, but that's how it can be in today's market. While age discrimination is illegal, getting fired for your age is something that still happens and can be hard to prove. If you feel that you may have been fired because you've gotten older and newer employees could be paid less or work more than you, then you may want to consider taking legal steps toward filing a lawsuit.

Family discrimination lawsuits growing rapidly in the workplace

There are plenty of reasons to feel discriminated against, and many of these reasons are protected by law. For instance, if you're disabled, your employer can't fire you simply for that reason. That's the same as if you age while you're with the company; you can't just be fired because you're older than other employees. Your employer also has to be reasonable if you need special accommodations on the job because of an injury or pregnancy. If your employer isn't reasonable, then you can usually file a lawsuit.

Weight and discrimination: Weight is not protected by law

Is it illegal to discriminate against a worker for being overweight? The fact is, weight is not a protected factor in workplace discrimination laws, but it could lead to a discrimination lawsuit that could potentially win in some cases. Under federal discrimination laws, though, weight isn't a protected class.

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