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Challenges getting hired because your name isn't 'white' enough?

It's incomprehensible that your name would matter when it comes to getting hired for a job, but a new survey in France reveals that people who have foreign-sounding names in Paris are less likely to receive calls from recruiters. Applicants with French-sounding names got 70 percent more responses from recruiters, while those with foreign-sounding names had a hard time getting a response.

How bad is sexual harassment in Hollywood?

As we've seen on the news in recent months, there's no doubt that Hollywood has a major problem with sexual harassment and assault against female -- and in some cases, male -- actors. However, this begs the question: Just how bad is sexual harassment in Hollywood?

What are my basic rights as an employee?

In the United States, every employee has basic rights that employers cannot violate. Nevertheless, unlawful violations of employee rights continually occur. What's more, many employees never even realize they've experienced unlawful treatment.

Your rights in the workplace

Imagine just graduating from college and getting your first job as a professional. You are at the bottom of the pecking order and you will have to work your way up. You anticipate endless days of fetching coffee, picking up dry cleaning, and making thousands of copies. However, simply because you are starting out does not mean that you do not have the same legal rights as more seasoned employees.

Proving and litigating a California gender discrimination claim

Gender discrimination is prevalent in virtually all California workplaces. In some cases, the discrimination is so subtle that it's difficult to prove. For example, imagine that you and a male co-worker are competing for the same job. You have the same qualifications, but he gets the job because he's male. This gender discrimination case will be harder to prove than one in which you were far more qualified than your male counterpart who ended up getting the position.

Is it time for you to file a disability complaint?

If you have a disability and you're employed, you may have had to overcome a lot of personal hurdles to stay competitive in your workplace. In addition, you might benefit from some workplace accommodations that could help you be more comfortable while at work and perform your job duties at a higher level.

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