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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Archives

4 signs you're being discriminated against for a disability

It is difficult to live with a disability for a number of reasons. First, you never want to struggle with a task, but you don't control the way your body functions. Your disability is out of your control, but that doesn't mean you aren't a valuable member of society or that your employer should treat you differently. Even though you're in a wheelchair, you have the same rights as others in the workplace. As long as you do your job as expected, you should receive the same treatment as others.

What is undue hardship?

As many know, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) leveled the playing field for disabled Americans in the workforce. It prevents discrimination, hiring and firing of workers based on physical and mental impairments who are qualified for the work.

Should my service dog be allowed at work?

Service animals can be highly beneficial to those suffering from disabilities and other kinds of trauma. Not all animals can be service animals, but any dog that is trained to do certain tasks or perform work for the benefit of an individual with a disability is a service animal.

Protections are offered to those with HIV/AIDS

AIDS and HIV are two words that can strike fear into individuals in the United States. While HIV and AIDS treatments have come far, HIV can lead to potentially deadly AIDS, making it a virus that very few people are comfortable being around.

What is the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Living with a disability isn't easy and having to deal with discrimination only makes things worse. Fortunately, the United States has several laws in place to protect the disabled from discrimination, helping them live comfortably in society as equals.

Are police actions restricted by the federal ADA law?

Some of our readers may find it surprising that this Carlsbad blog dedicated to employment law is addressing the topic of how the Americans with Disabilities Act applies outside of the labor setting. Indeed, many readers might never have even considered if the ADA applies to how police interact with suspects with disabilities.

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