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Should my service dog be allowed at work?

Service animals can be highly beneficial to those suffering from disabilities and other kinds of trauma. Not all animals can be service animals, but any dog that is trained to do certain tasks or perform work for the benefit of an individual with a disability is a service animal.

How the Family and Medical Leave Act affects you

Thanks to the Family and Medical Leave Act, some employees are entitled to up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off. This time off also protects their job, so they can return to it when their time is over. During the time off, employers must maintain the worker's health benefits, too, so they won't miss out on those essential benefits if they are off for medical purposes.

Your employer can't fire you for these protected reasons

When you start at a new job, you know that your state is an at-will employer. It means that you could be let go at any time and without a reason. What happens if the reason you're let go is more personal than that, though? What if it's because of a disability, your sex, your gender or some other perceived issue?

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