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Family discrimination lawsuits growing rapidly in the workplace

There are plenty of reasons to feel discriminated against, and many of these reasons are protected by law. For instance, if you're disabled, your employer can't fire you simply for that reason. That's the same as if you age while you're with the company; you can't just be fired because you're older than other employees. Your employer also has to be reasonable if you need special accommodations on the job because of an injury or pregnancy. If your employer isn't reasonable, then you can usually file a lawsuit.

You can be protected by whistleblower protection laws

If you blow the whistle on fraud or other issues in the workplace, are you protected? When you report a violation by your employer, you are protected by law. Your employer is not legally able to retaliate, and if he does, you're in a position to file a lawsuit.

2 men blow whistle on inflated claims costing government

Whistleblowers are protected by law and in many cases, they can be awarded compensation for settlements arranged as a result of their reports. If you're fired for reporting fraud to the government, your job is actually protected; you should be able to make a claim against your company for wrongful termination.

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